Mission Cambodia

Published on March 10th, 2022

I grew up with a father cooking for his kids and continuing that tradition was in my blood so finally at age 50, I’m fully pursuing my dream by cooking for kids at orphanages around the world.

My first mission will be at Hope for Silent Voices Hope House in Cambodia. My goal is to cook for the resident kids and to teach them how to prepare good quality meals within their budget. I will also work with them to set up professional kitchens and most importantly, teach them the culinary skills necessary to continue supplying good, healthy food long after I leave.

The resident currently in charge of the kitchen at The Hope House is 14 years old. We will go to local food markets where I can teach her how to shop and prepare the meals within the allotted budget. It will be a learning experience for both of us.

Of course this all takes money, so I will be blogging about my experiences and asking for donations. You will hear about my adventures and experience my joy as this project evolves.

Real time donations will go directly to the Hope House kids. You will feel the DIRECT RESULTS of your donations. I encourage you to stay tuned as I work towards cooking with the kids the entire month of May 2022.
Thanks for joining me on this adventure. I know together we will make a difference! – Joey

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